Grace on The Line

Different cities. Different surf.

Same problem.



Our mission is simple.

We are creating this film in search of the the unedited, uninfluenced, and unfiltered truth.

Which is why it is important for you to know that we are 100% independently financed. We don’t want the silent hand of sponsors to influence our message as that would be a disservice to the women & girls we are trying to bring a voice to.

So this is our promise to you as we start our journey with an open mind and an empty wallet:

We are diving into this story with the sole agenda of shining a light on women in the surf community- both recreational and professional, both good and bad.

That we are pursuing diversity and authenticity.

And that we will never miss a swell.


Somer Myers

- Director / Editor


Our Destinations

Finding what it means to be a female surfer across the globe

untitled shoot-006.jpg

San Diego (2018)

Our home city. This is where it all starts.


Hawaii (2018)

When you think of surf, Hawaii is not far from mind. Surfing has been engrained in Hawaiian culture for generations. We are travelling there to interview women

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 1.00.58 PM.png

Iceland (2018)

A neighbor to the north, Iceland is considered on of the final surfing frontiers. We’re travelling here to find the representation of women on the arctic swell.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 9.12.19 AM.png

On the next swell…

Help us land our next destination! With your support we have our eye on Costa Rica, Australia, and Thailand!


Our Crew  


Somer Myers

Director/ Editor

Somer is a native San Diegan and lifetime surfer. She has experience editing various narrative short films, and is excited to pursue a cause so close to her heart. Somer has been a Surf Instructor for 3 1/2 years in La Jolla, San Diego. Surfing has always been a true passion in hers and she’s driven to spread the awareness that women in the surfing community should be respected and accepted in the lineup.


Jenna Castillo

Cinematographer/ Social Media Guru

From special-interest medical documentaries to narrative short films to a location based dance film in Accra, Ghana, Jenna has acquired a wide array of credits. She is stoked to take on the challenge of filming “Grace on the Line”, and to capture the beauty of the ocean and surfing.


Zac Schaser

Producer/ Co-editor

Zac is pursuing a career in Producing for Television, Film, and New Media. Originally from Wisconsin, Zac began producing promotional content for schools, insurance companies, and the YMCA. He moved to San Diego in 2015 to pursue a bachelor's degree in Television and Film producing and editing. Having produced and edited numerous projects while at SDSU, he is now at work producing Grace on a Line as well as a short drama film about gambling.


Madison Hoover

Line Producer/ Production Coordinator

Madison has aspirations of combining her love of music and film at a trailer production house. She’s passionate about making this documentary because she feels as though it will help shed light on the under representation of women in surfing, while also revealing the peaceful nature of surfing as a whole.